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Intro text to catalog by Lise Funder

Eva Dora Lamm represents the stringent, constructivist side of the art of contemporary Danish jewelry design.  Her work is in line with Danish architecture and design at its best, and expresses a pure and clear form where quality and utility play a dominant role. She acknowledges her admiration for Bauhaus and the early functionalism.  But function is never allowed to overshadow aesthetics. Every single piece by Eva Dora Lamm expresses an animation, a simplified form, that stretches from the effortless flight of birds to the technology of pulsating machinery. Her designs are so precise and so accurately realized that a quick glance could lead one to believe that machines had taken over her workshop - but there one would definitely be mistaken.

Eva Dora Lamm is a true artisan, everything is done by hand. As with the ancient goldsmiths, each plane, every tiny rivet or spike is the result of careful and time-consuming craftsmanship. Her choice of materials is in line with the preferences of architecture - steel, glass and metallic paint. But the goldsmith is not obscured - the traditional metals, gold and silver, are subtly mixed with those of modern times. The metal is cut - often very thinly - to the desired shapes and is then carefully finished.  Eva Dora Lamm removes the hard steel surface by heating until a warm golden colour appears. Other methods, such as sandblasting and oxidization, are also employed to vary the surface appearance and accentuate the object in a soft and sophisticated way.  Glass has a special role in Eva Dora Lamm´s jewelry designs. Pieces of ordinary deep blue or green bottle glass are cut so that they can correlate with the metal. The individual parts of the item are assembled with rivets and spikes in such a way that these too form part of the design.

Eva Dora Lamm´s creations are spacious and three-dimensional. She exploits the gaps between the individual parts so that the latter become airy constructions around the void. The correlation to space is just as important as the interconnection between the parts. In order to visualize the finished object´s desired effect in space, Eva Dora Lamm constructs models in cardboard, paper and wire so that alterations can be made before the laborious work with the harder metals is begun. However, cardboard and paper can never give fully the same illusion as metal, where the play of light adds depth and shape thereby creating new visual effects. Here the artist´s ability to visualize is essential in order to achieve proper results. Thus the butterfly - or is it perhaps an elegant glider - takes off from its place on the dress, and the host of “particles”, a number of small brooches, seems to move like a swarm of insects or as specs of dust in rays of sunlight, where the brilliant, clear-coloured metallic paint applied inside every “particle” shines and sparkles.

Eva Dora Lamm has been loyal to her style of artistic expression. She has developed her affection for pure, clear-cut shapes and has achieved logic and simplicity in her work. Within contemporary Danish jewelry-art, that contains so many facets, the creations of Eva Dora Lamm stand out as a powerful personal statement of a clear line of thought, an artistic sense, and as examples of outstanding craftsmanship.
Written by Lise Funder, July 2001

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