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As a child I was very fascinated by the art and culture of the ancient Egyptians. I was especially drawn by the great mystical pyramids. But back then I didn’t have the possibility to go to Egypt.

However, with my family I went on long journeys to East Africa and Brazil, just to mention a few places. And on these journeys my interest for ancient cultures grew stronger and as a result I began to study anthropology.

Nearly two years had passed when I decided to go to Central and South America to inhale the athmosphere. Returning to Denmark in 1975 I finally realized an old dream. I wanted to become a goldsmith. 

I got an apprenticeship at Herman Siersbøl in Copenhagen and went through the traditional training scheme with periodic schooling, all in all 3 ½ years. 

It was after I completed my apprenticeship in 1979, when I was awarded a grant for a study trip to Central America. Going to Mexico and Guatemala I faced the magnificent cultures of the Mayas and Aztecs, which are on the same level as the Egyptian pyramids. 

I found it breathtaking to stand before the giant monumental pyramids and stone sculptures of different sizes with mysterious but beautiful inscriptions. Visiting museums with indescribable collections from those ancient cultures also made a huge impact on me. Ever since my role model has been Pre-Colombian art as well as monumental expression full of stylization. 

I had just returned in August 1979 when I made my application for the two-year design education at Goldsmiths College. Here I had a great opportunity to experiment with materials, techniques and especially design.

Since 1981 I have been working as a self-employed goldsmith in my own workshop. I have participated in ongoing exhibitions in galleries and museums in Denmark - and abroad.
My favourite materials are gold, silver and steel – often combined with glass, metallic paint, and or precious stones. The last 5 years I have added cement which is a very different but fascinating material.

My work process normally begins with a drawing. Then because I often work with 3D I make models made of paper, steel wire, tape, etc.

Within the last decade I have had the opportunities to visit Guatemala, Egypt and Peru. My fascination for these ancient cultures, their monumental and clear design idiom will never end.
Also, but not the least, I am a big fan of the beautiful, aesthetic design and contours I capture in the landscape. I am especially drawn to manmade craft such as scaffolding, bridges, debris, scrap, beautifully crafted architecture, sculptures or other art.  But I have a preference for very simple forms, rigor and stylization, which is characteristic for my design

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